Inonotus Obliquus is the new black coffee


You may think Chaga is expensive, the reality is that it would cost you less than a dollar for a cup, much cheaper than a cup of coffee (not considering you might be drinking a $4 latte from Starbucks). Chaga tastes great on its own but can be mixed with almost anything, almond milk, lemon, ginger, chocolate ,maple syrup, cinnamon, turmeric or a drop of oregano oil just to name a few…

Try it and make Chaga your new coffee


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Nestled in the Laurentian mountains of Quebec we take great pride to offer you the cleanest and wildest Chaga Tea available. It is extracted carefully deep in the forest without damaging the birch tree and allowing it to re-grow. We offer this treasure in chunks to preserve its quality and nutrients. We believe in providing it in its purest and cleanest form. The same way Siberians did hundreds of years ago.