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The Chaga mushroom grows on birch trees in colder climates across the Northern Hemisphere. It does not have a uniform shape and resembles a dark chunk of charcoal with a porous texture and its distinguished orange cork like tissue rather than a common mushroom.

Chaga is one of the most nutrient-dense mushrooms on the planet and rich in a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

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Inonotus Obliquus is the new black coffee

You may think Chaga is expensive, the reality is that it would cost you less than a dollar for a cup, much cheaper than a cup of coffee (not considering you might be drinking a $4 latte from Starbucks). Chaga tastes great on its own but can be mixed with almost anything, almond milk, lemon, ginger, chocolate ,maple syrup, cinnamon, turmeric or a drop of oregano oil just to name a few…

Try it and make Chaga your new coffee

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