Crohns disease natural cures


This time I want to talk about Crhon’s Disease AKA Inflammatory Bowel disease. Chaga has been shown to have the amazing effect of hauling edema as well as Mucosal damage.

Commonly occurring forms of IBD are Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis, 1.7 billion dollars is spent each year on the control and prevention of IBD the CDC says. It is one of the most researched and  costly of the gastrointestinal diseases in the U.S.

More than 700,000 visits to private physicians and over 100,000 people a year are seen each year due to these diseases. 75% of those with IBS  and 25% of those with Ulcerative Colitis end up requiring surgery.

Stress to the body by free radicals and the reduction of anti-oxidants is the main causing factor that leads to IBD or Crohn’s. Chaga in itself acts a protective antioxidant and to help protect the DNA from damage caused by the debilitating disease. It specifically protects against Lymphocytes from Crohn’s disease and reduces the cellular damage caused to the DNA.

It’s possible that Chaga will become a worthy supplement to eliminate the stress that causes the disease all together.  Chaga has also been shown in recent studies conducted in Korea by researchers Misha SK, Kang JH, OH SH, and Kim Mk to help in healing of Ulcerative Colitis. (This Study was performed at the National Cancer Center in South Korea).

Promising results were seen in a test in which Chaga was given to a group of test rodents with induced IBD as both prevention and treatment.