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The Chaga mushroom grows on birch trees in colder climates across the Northern Hemisphere. It does not have a uniform shape and resembles a dark chunk of charcoal with a porous texture and its distinguished orange cork like tissue rather than a common mushroom.

Chaga is one of the most nutrient-dense mushrooms on the planet and rich in a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

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Organic Chaga Tea Bags

$ 28.85

(13 customer reviews)


Chaga Tea Bags (30)

  • Available in different flavours100 % Wild Chaga Mushroom, Chaga Peppermint, Chaga Yerba Mate, Chaga CHAI Blend and Chaga Chamomile.

From the forest to your cup!


The Diamond of the Forest!

Chi Chaga is a leading provider of all-natural wild-harvested Canadian Chaga mushroom products

30 PLANT BASED BIODEGRADABLE TEA BAGS OF 100% WILDCRAFTED CANADIAN CHAGA MUSHROOM. We harvest, process, and bag our Chaga ourselves… delivered to your door in its purest and cleanest form. Chi Chaga mushrooms are always preserved in chunks in order to maintain its freshness and nutrients. We conserve and process all the parts of the Chaga including the black exterior which has a very high level of betulin. Containing beta glucans and a vast amount of vitamins and minerals, Inonotus obliquus is not only known as a superfood Rich in ß-glucans and Betulinic acid, but also recognized as a gold standard source of polysaccharides and a highly effective host defense supplement


Chi Chaga Mushrooms are wild harvested and do NOT contain any additives or fillers. 100% Pure, Organic, & Sustainable 



A powerful antioxidant

Contains 215 Phytonutrients

Known to reduce inflammation

Boost Energy Levels

Helps to aid digestion

Additional information

Additional information


100% Wild Chaga, Chaga & Peppermint, Chaga & Yerba Mate, Chaga & Chamomile, Chaga Chai Blend

Reviews (13)

13 reviews for Organic Chaga Tea Bags

  1. Barbara D

    This product is fabulous.
    This product is fabulous. Makes drinking chaga so convenient….great for travel. The packaging is gorgeous, as well. 5 * all around.

  2. Sandeep P

    Much easier way to make Chaga Tea
    Chaga tea bags mean I don’t have to do anything with the root myself. It’s ready to go and I can just boil water and make a nice cup of Chaga tea with ease. Same flavour, same health advantages as before. Just in a teabag format.

  3. Rob

    Great product

  4. Dean C

    Healthy Life Properties in a Cup
    The benefits of Organic Chi Chaga Tea is simply a must.! If a healthy lifestyle is important to you & drinking tea is part of your daily routine- Organic Chi Chaga Tea is the perfect cup of pleasurable flavor & health boosting properties. This easy to use product brings the power of the Chaga Mushroom superfood to your fingertips. Enjoy!

  5. Shannon S

    Wild Chaga Tea..Flavour Okay and Convenient in Tea Bags

  6. Randy

    Individual bags are very convenient, great product, worth the price.

  7. Customer

    Xellent for bloating ! Excellent tea

  8. Emmanuelle

    Taste very good!

  9. B

    I drink this tea daily! Love it!

  10. Barbara T

    I love the flavor.
    Gift of Nature, Authentic – real Canadian stuff, Trusted source, Worth every cent, Life changing !

  11. Michael B

    Best Chaga!
    This has become my go to for Chaga Tea!

  12. Dan

    Helped calm down my rash, Tastes great and makes you feel great.

  13. Brandon M

    Excellent quality tea.

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