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The Chaga mushroom grows on birch trees in colder climates across the Northern Hemisphere. It does not have a uniform shape and resembles a dark chunk of charcoal with a porous texture and its distinguished orange cork like tissue rather than a common mushroom.

Chaga is one of the most nutrient-dense mushrooms on the planet and rich in a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

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Organic Chaga Mushroom Powder

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Product of Canada

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Made in Canada

The Diamond of the Forest!

Chi Chaga is a leading provider of premium all-natural, organic Chaga mushroom products. Our carefully selected organic Chaga powder contains large amounts of phytonutrients and immune-supporting compounds such as Beta Glucans and Polysaccharides which may support the body’s ability to set up cellular defences. Organic chaga powder has a multitude of health benefits and can be used as a powerful immune booster.


Chi Chaga Mushrooms are wild harvested and do NOT contain any additives or fillers. 100% Pure, Organic, & Sustainable 


The Chaga powder can be consumed as tea, added to coffee, smoothie or your favourite recipe.


How to Prepare Chaga Mushroom Powder to Drink as a Tea?

Brewing Steps:

  • Boil desired cups of water in a teapot or kettle.
  • Add one teaspoon per cup of water using a tea infuser, tea ball or bag.
  • Place infuser, tea ball or bag into the boiling water and let steep for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Enjoy!
Reviews (36)

36 reviews for Organic Chaga Mushroom Powder

  1. Nanny

    Amazing…tastes yummy!!
    Great service..arrived super fast. Love the powered chaga with flavour. I use also their chunck chaga( I got at a store) but this is nice and smooth and simmers quicker when I don’t have time and need it fast. My whole family dinks it, 3 kids too, especially during cold and flu season. We hardly get sick. Really great product.
    I highly recommend it. Great price too.

  2. Jonathan R

    A new favourite.
    I am Chaga connoisseur and this is by far the best quality brand I have sampled

  3. Danny G

    Awesome quality product.
    Well packaged. Good quantity. Quality is the best I have seen so far. Will be buying again!

  4. Tara

    Excellent quality!
    Excellent quality chaga mushroom! And the bag last a long time.

  5. Customer

    Great in my coffee maker in the morning
    Love this fine grind chaga. I find I can use less due to the fine grind. Put it at the bottom of my coffee filter along with my freshly ground coffee and voila it makes a particularly energizing coffee. Energy for a full day of work.

  6. Mitch

    Healthy supplement
    Wow I love the taste and and hoping this keeps me healthy! I would recommend.

  7. Angela B

    Great value for a wonderfully healthy, CANADIAN product
    I haven’t tried it yet as an actual tea but I’m putting it in my smoothies every morning and it is great! You need to blend really well and even then, I sometimes have a bunch of chaga sediment at the bottom of the glass but no big deal. Great value – reasonable price and large package compared to other places /companies I’ve tried to buy chaga from! Love that it is made /harvested in Canada!!

  8. Pardeep P

    Tea is ground very nice and fine.
    The flavour of the tea isn’t the greatest, but this tea was purchased and consumed for the health benefits. It is a light tea and mixes well with juices or soups. When boiled the flavour isn’t over whelming if the right amount of tea is mixed.

  9. Eddie N

    Great Chaga
    Have been using Chi Chaga for yrs now. I get the chunks & boil several with fresh turmeric – wonderful daily tea!!!!!! I will recommend this product for everyone interested in Chaga.

  10. RON B

    Quality product
    Great value for the money. Healthy item to take daily for maintaining good health..

  11. Ella

    Great Chaga!
    I have been with so much pain for the past year that i decided to try this natural medecine. It works very well if I drink it hot and made as a tea. I can drop the doctor’s tablets..

  12. Claire S

    Great Product
    Great package. Good fine powder. The taste is acceptable. Recommend this product.

  13. Customer

    Great product! Reasonable pricing! Extremely fast delivery! note: take this product with calcium

  14. Neil

    improves focus
    Doesn’t taste great but the health benefits are fantastic . Great product

  15. Gabriel O

    For health and for life
    Amazing product, I can already feel my immunity getting stronger. All the cures are in nature and Chaga is the foundation.

  16. Wolf S

    Fast service
    Arrived faster than expected considering the virus pandemic

  17. Dianne E

    Excellent defense against covid-19
    We take this as a tea and in capsule form. The tea tastes like earth but not unpleasant and no reactions. Be aware if taking it for the first time that some people experience nausea if you take too much. Start slow to see how you react!

  18. Mike B

    This stuff is great!
    A super antioxidant food to help you get through the COVID plandemic!

  19. Katrina C

    Help boost your immune system.
    I use it steeped in tea. There is some fine gritty pieces even when using a really fine steeper. I bought this to help boost my immune system. I had previously tried big chunks and steeped them with tea.

  20. RYL

    Really good tea
    Delicious subtle earthy flavour.

  21. R.A.W

    Looks , Smells, tastes, like a great product.
    Having never used Chaga before I have no reference as to what it should be like. However with everything Ive read the colour mild taste and texture all was on the top of the what to look for charts. I use this in with my coffee and the taste is very good. After a few weeks of use I have noticed my blood sugars are levelling off better. I would like to try the chunks next time to see which I prefer. The only part of this product I don’t like is that it doesn’t resolve so the sediment is left in the bottom of the cup and you have to be careful not to stir it up while drinking it or its like getting a mouth full of coffee grounds. Over all though I would rate it a 9 out of 10.

  22. Customer

    First time trying chaga ? buy this and try it , it’s so good
    it taste like natures hot chocolate

  23. Pearl

    Healthy Idea
    Great for smoothies

  24. Customer

    Healthy and Tasty
    Who isn’t eating Chaga now? Perfect product if use properly.

  25. Alan S

    Good Company – Good Service
    This is a great product harvested in pristine forests by people who live in the region. I have used it for about a year and re- ordered many times. Good people who will answer your questions promptly.

  26. Brenda P

    Great product!
    Make tea out of it every day. It is powder, so it does leave a little residue, the packaging could be a little easier, I find it hard to scoop a teaspoon out of the sides. Love that it’s from Canada!

  27. Customer

    Love this Chaga Mushroom Tea

  28. Isabelle J

    High-quality Canadian Chaga!
    The best Chaga I’ve tried so far. Perfectly ground, I put it in my morning coffee, and I love the way I feel with this. The taste is neutral so It’s a great addition to any recipes. Nothing beats Chaga mushroom to give a boost to your immune system.

  29. Roberto T

    Fast delivery great product!!

  30. LY Yang

    Love Chi Chaga the premier Canadian product , since this is our first purchase so after a few days of trying out (or mixed with coffee) it is true natural organic chaga, we love it so much.
    For the inconvenience package, we converted it to glass container for easy and friendly use.
    Thanks for Prime fast and free express delivery service, definitely we will order again.

  31. Customer

    Very healthy…
    Tastes very good. Recommended.

  32. Ecolife

    Favorite chaga
    Love this chaga so much, rich taste.

  33. Wilford N D

    Excellent beverage
    I make a pot of chaga tea and store it in my fridge until needed. I mix it with coffee 50/50 or drink it straight.

  34. Dawn P

    Canadian product!
    More than I expected and pleased so far. I add it to my coffee in the morning

  35. Delic

    I love this product. I brew it with my coffee and I cannot taste it. Great for energy.

  36. Huneybee

    Love Chi Chaga
    I really like this Chaga powder. It’s grown in Canada. I am happy to support Canadian made products. I did my research to compare to other products. This is the best quality. I have more energy. I have a lump on breast that was the size of a toonie, had for over ten years, one month of consuming ChiChaga the lump has reduced in size. I like having as a Tea with Almond milk, gives it a chocolate like flavour. Prepare the tea by putting in 1tsp of Chaga into cup let steep for 3 minutes. Strain thru fine strainer, add almond milk. I reuse the strained Chaga add it to my homemade cookies.

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