Is raw chaga better than extract?

Raw chaga vs extract chaga is like comparing raw cacao vs instant chocolate…

Chaga has been a remedy in ancient Siberia for centuries, the locals would  take it off the birch tree and consume it as tea. It is believed that those who consumed chaga on a regular basis developed stronger immune systems and longevity. These claims and research prompted (among others) Russian oncologist to write the book the cancer ward.

Finding quality chaga is very hard and yet costly for we must identify, climb trees and go to very remote areas in order to bring you fresh, delicious and nutrient filled chaga.

This process makes it very difficult for certain companies to provide chaga to the masses and choose to provide alternative cost effective processed methods under claims that it makes nutrients more available or water soluble, this method simply jeopardizes many vitamins ,minerals ands it’s alkalinity from over processing.

At Chi Chaga we don’t believe in the extract processed products and we remain committed to deliver only the finest, freshest, quality raw chaga available.

The same way the Siberians harvested and consumed for centuries.

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