Can chaga mushroom increase melanin production?

Yes! The melanin content in Chaga is far over average compared to other foods and medicinal plants. Chaga mushroom (Inonotus obliquus) is a pore mushroom with a black, coal-like appearance, it’s black appearance comes from [...]

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Is raw chaga better than extract?

Raw chaga vs extract chaga is like comparing raw cacao vs instant chocolate… Chaga has been a remedy in ancient Siberia for centuries, the locals would  take it off the birch tree and consume it [...]

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What does chaga taste like?

Chaga has a pleasant woody flavor , mild sweet with a hint of vanilla and tastes a little like coffee without the jitter as it does not contain caffeine.

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How do i prepare chaga powder?

Chaga powder can be consumed as tea, added to a smoothie or favourite food recipe. How to Prepare Chaga Mushroom to Drink as a Tea Brewing Steps: Boil desired cups of water in a teapot [...]

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How do i brew chaga chunks?

Boil for 2 minutes a small handful in 4 cups of water. You can save the chunks in the refrigerator and boil up to 3 times. We encourage this practice since wild chaga is rare [...]

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