Could Chaga be the cure for HIV?

finding a natural cure for hiv


Workers at the Vector Research Institute in Southwestern Siberia have been putting in serious efforts into the antiviral capabilities of the mushroom whose healing tonic like effects have a deep seated route in traditional Russian Medicines.

The Researchers at the Vector Institute have isolated three separate strains of mushrooms that may be highly effective in the fight against HIV and other serious illnesses.




“Strains of these mushrooms demonstrated low toxicity and a strong antiviral effect” against influenza, smallpox and HIV, said a spokesman at Vector.

“Research has shown Chaga to be extremely effective in protecting cellular DNA from damaging free radicals,” another spokesman said.



Test results indicated that Chaga Mushrooms which are found growing on birch trees native to the area have shown the best results. The mushroom has grown in popularity in the last few years as a highly beneficial dietary supplement in the west. Chaga has been found to contain one of the highest doses of betulinic acid. The acid has proven to be toxic and destructive to cancer cell in numerous laboratory test as well as slowing the overall growth and of several different types of tumors, strains of cancer, and HIV. (Facts are from the American Cancer Society)

There have been not many official clinical trials of Chaga in the western world, however In Russia it is highly popular and was featured as a cancer cure in Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s book the Cancer Ward.


Quote from vector institute


The Vector institute once a biological weapons facility of the former Soviet Union now conducts work fighting against many of the same life threatening viruses they once created.

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