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Chaga is the most powerful antioxidant on the planet, It literally blows everything away on the orac scale, it bullet proofs your immune system and balances everything in your body with its adaptogens.

They actually say not to take it if your on intravenous glucose because it works as a protagonist.

Super oxide dismutase is essential for eliminating radiation, metals, toxins attacking our bodies. Chaga is full of this (They say that’s why turtles live so long because of SOD)

I’m sure you have already heard it has 216 phytonutrients, 29 beta glucans, copper, calcium, potassium, manganese, zinc, iron sterols, phenols, enzymes and melanin and much more.

It’s pretty incredible that one food can hold that much goodness, The sad part is that not too many people know this.

Often people tell me they feel it healing them immediately especially people with stomach problems or stress, Some say they don’t feel anything and I laugh since

it’s not a wonder drug, its a super food that you should drink every day just like you drink your orange juice.

I had a client who successfully shrank a tumour on her dog with it and lets not forget to mention “Betulin” is also found in chaga .It is known to shrinks tumours

In the coming weeks i will be asking some of our clients to write testimonials in order to share with our readers, my mother in law being the first because she is the reason I stumbled upon Chaga in the first place.

Nature is perfect and holds the cure to everything, I now believe this and I hope you do enough research to believe it too.


Chi Chaga


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Nestled in the Laurentian mountains of Quebec we take great pride to offer you the cleanest and wildest Chaga Tea available. It is extracted carefully deep in the forest without damaging the birch tree and allowing it to re-grow. We offer this treasure in chunks to preserve its quality and nutrients. We believe in providing it in its purest and cleanest form. The same way Siberians did hundreds of years ago.