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Chaga has the highest score

ever recorded in any food.

North Europeans incorporated

Chaga into their folk medicine.

Using its Betulin & Betulinic

acid as active ingredients.

Stronger than chlorophyll


W hat is Chaga and what are the Chaga health benefits. Inonotus obliquus is a medicinal mushroom that grows on a birch tree. For thousands of years “Siberian” Chaga was widely used in China, Japan and Russia. Chaga is documented as early as 100 BC as “The King of Herbs”, “A Gift from God” and “Diamond of the forest” Chaga is also referred to in Asian culture as the “Mushroom of Immortality”. It contains one of the highest antioxidant levels of any plant found on earth. It is off the charts on the ORAC scale. ORAC stand for Oxygen Radical Absorbency Capacity.

Chaga also contains very high levels of SOD which stands for Superoxide Dismutase, an enzyme that greatly protects against serious oxide damage. Studies have shown that SOD acts as both an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory in the body, neutralizing the free radicals that can lead to wrinkles and precancerous cell changes. Researchers are currently studying the potential of superoxide dismutase as an anti-aging treatment.

C haga has potent immune supporting properties. Chaga is a rich source of beta glucans, and polysaccharides that are essential nutrients for the immune system.

These polysaccharides have strong anti-inflammatory and immune balancing properties, enhancing the body’s ability to produce natural killer (NK) cells to battle infections or cells that are out of control. (Chaga contains 215 phytonutrients including 29 polysaccharide or beta glucan derivatives)

“Beta glucans are used for high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, and HIV/AIDS. Beta glucans are also used to boost the immune system in people whose body defences have been weakened by conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, or physical and emotional stress; or by treatments such as radiation or chemotherapy.”  Betulinic Acid is known to kill cancer cells and to inhibit tumours.

“The anti-cancer properties of betulin or betulinic acid, a chemical isolated from birch trees is now being studied for use as a chemotherapeutic agent. Chaga contains large amounts of betulinic acid in a form that can be ingested orally, and it also contains the full spectrum of immune-stimulating phytochemicals found in other medicinal mushrooms such as maitake mushroom and shiitake mushroom.”

Chaga Health Benefits

Blood Purification • Bronchitis • Candidiasis

Crohn’s Disease • Diabetes • Fungal Growth

Gastritis • Heart Disease • Hepatoprotective • HIV

Stomach Disease • Tuberculosis • Ulcerative Colitis

DNA Repair •  Hodgkin’s Lymphoma • Immune Support

 Enhancer • Anti-aging • Anti-allergic • Anti-bacterial

Anti-inflammatory • Anti-microbial • Anti-oxidant

 Anti-tumor • Anti-viral • Arthritis • Asthma

Bacterial Diseases •  Hypertension • Hypo-tension

Influenza • Intestinal Worms • Kidney Tonic

Low Cholesterol • Liver / Hepatitis • Pain Relief

 Parasites • Parotid gland • Pulmonary Diseases

Chaga Health Benefits

To increase the defence reactions of an organism to

have anti-inflammatory effect when used internally and externally

To regulate the heart beat, to have positive effect on lung

and liver cancer, to calm the nervous system

 To be an antioxidant, to delay the growth of some tumors

and to lower arterial and venous blood pressure

To decrease sugar levels in blood, to stimulate metabolism

in brain tissues